"Providing Quality of Service for Voice over IP and Multimedia traffic in packet switching networks using priorities."

Above is the title of my masters thesis I prepared during the first half of 2000. These pages give a short summary of this thesis and also present an applet that can be used to evaluate the effect of using a certain priority scheme.
This applet was constructed as a part of aforementioned thesis. In my thesis, I have investigated the effectiveness of a queuing strategy that implements priorities. The reason for this investigation is explained below. The queue itself, and others are introduced in the background article.

Services that used to be offered on circuit switched networks (The most famous example is of course telephony) are moving towards packet switching networks (The most famous example of packet switching is of course the Internet.)
In order to transport Voice, and in general Multimedia over Packet Switching Networks, some improvements have to be made in these networks. This is necessary since Voice and video communication need strict constraints on the delay of transmitted information.
A possible solution is the introduction of priorities. These priorities can be based on the application generating the traffic, of on the source or destination address. A switch in a network has to react to these priorities by giving each packet a treatment based on its priority.

These web-pages describe an applet that simulates the use of priorities in packet switching systems. Because a lot of simulations have already been made, there is also a part with the results of some simulations, and some more background information about the queuing systems used.

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