Help for the Simulation applet

This is the help for an applet that can be used to simulate different packet switching queues. You will have to be a little familiar with packet switching systems. If you're not familiar with these things, well go ahead and try, but I won't believe your complaints or comments.
There are however a lot of resources on the WWW that can help you with packet switched networks. Try the links section. Another source of information can be this background article.

Quick Start

At the top of the applet there are five buttons:

When you press one of these buttons, it will become disabled, and a screen showing traffic, or a queue, etc will show up. This allows you to navigate through the different screens with settings and the results.
The intended use of this applet is that you define a nice combination of traffic flows, which are to be served by a queue. Next, you specify the queuing mechanisms that are to serve this traffic. You must specify two queues. Each queue will have its own set of parameters. Usually, the default values for the parameters will suffice, but you can experiment.
Finally, you can check the settings on the common screen. After that, press the "Start" button on the "common" screen. Each screen is described in detail on the following pages. Note that since the "First Queue" and the "Second Queue" screens differ only in their position on the screen, the same help page describes them.

To get a real quick start, use the default settings and just press the start button on the "common" screen.

Use this link to start the applet.

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